Panteras in Paradise!

Erica DeAngelo, Fine Arts Publisher

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Hello, Colleyville Heritage High School! The Newspaper staff hopes you’ve had a wonderful and relaxing spring break! Now that we are back to school, you know what that means? There is only one more nine week period left until summer! We got this y’all!


As for the CHHS Premier Panteras, they competed and vacationed in the beautiful state of Hawaii this spring break. On Saturday, March 17th the Premier Panteras competed at Crowd Pleasers Nationals in Honolulu, Hawaii. They competed all four of their competition routines including contemporary, lyrical, pom, and jazz. The Premier Panteras also brought several soloists as followed:



Brooke Flory

Christina Lam

Clara Mask



Haley Hollingsworth (3rd runner up)

Jenna Hutson (1st runner up)



Megan Hoffman

Julia Jackson

Amber Martin


The Premier Panteras received first place in their large group divison and second place overall!


The following day, Sunday March 18th, the Premier Panteras took a trip to the Pearl Harbor Memorial. Not only did they gain a knowledge of World War II, but also got the chance to perform on the USS Missouri. The Premier Panteras performed a variety of routines they learned throughout the fall season, as well as some solos from the previous competition.


Later that night, the Panteras participated in a traditional Hawaiian Luau! They had the opportunity to taste several foods of the Hawaiian culture such as live roasted pig, poi, and a lot of fresh pineapple! Along with many delicious food, the Panteras watched a traditional Hawaiian performance and even learned how to hoola!


The Premier Panteras had a fabulous time in the state of Hawaii! They experienced many cultural events and learned a great deal about Hawaiian culture. Definitely a trip to remember for this dance team!