Softball Rivalry Game

Kaylin Dunning, Head of Sports and Photography

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As we all know rivalry games are what we live for when it comes to sports here at GCISD. Panther Softball swept Grapevine this past Tuesday in the rivalry game. CHHS defeated Grapevine in an impressive 11-0 win. The victory marks the teams 8th win in district with no losses! With a total record of 10-6 it is evident that the Lady Panthers have been putting in some serious work to prepare for this season. I recently caught up with Sara Grace Parks, a junior on the Softball team to ask her a few questions.

“How has the team prepared to face Grapevine?”

“We have been practicing everyday after school and playing competitive competition in the preseason to help us for the big game.”

“Would you say softball is more of a mental game? Why or why not?”

“Yes softball is more of a mental game because you have to believe that you are going to go all out and leave it on the field so you can do your best.”

“How has softball contributed to your life?”

“Softball has contributed to my life by giving me a chance to make relationships with different personalities and how to be patient when you may not be having the best game.”

“What can we expect from the team this season?”

“As of right now we are 7-0 in district! I’m expecting us to be district champs and go far in the playoffs this year!”