George Coffee + Provisions

Erica DeAngelo

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Hey all you coffee lovers, this one’s for y’all!


As a coffee connoisseur myself,  (totally a joke, but a girl can dream right?) my adventuring consists of discovering new aesthetic and delicious coffee shops.This past weekend, I went venturing out to the city of Coppell, Texas. Now first I must say, if you’ve never been out to Coppell, I highly recommend you do. The city is both cute and cozy! Perfect for retirement or even just renting an apartment for your college years! As for the coffee shop in our spotlight this week, we have “George Coffee + Provisions!”


Before even walking through the door, you will be enticed by the adorable atmosphere. The coffee shop is surrounded by small colorful buildings and homes. You will enter through a small gate before entering into a realm of caffeine goodness. The building is painted white which gives the shop an adorable “home-like” feel.


Now everyone’s favorite- the coffee! Their menu consists of several different espresso drinks and lattes. There is  a broad selection of snacks and even alcoholic beverages. I ordered the 12 oz. Mocha Latte with less sweetener because I do not enjoy my coffee super sweet. The staff was very kind and accommodating to their customers. Once you’ve received your beverage, you have the option of relaxing inside or on their patio. The Texas weather finally brought some sunshine, so I enjoyed my coffee outside that day


Lastly, this coffee shop provides the perfect amount of aesthetic for a photoshoot. Yes, I’m talking to all you instagramers 😉


For more information, check out their website: