Fine Arts Hallway Teacher Spotlight

Erica DeAngelo

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Hey there Colleyville Heritage High School! The weather is getting warming and that means we are just days away from the summer break!


For this week’s spotlight, we have three teachers coming to us straight from the Fine Arts Hallway! On a beautiful sunny Monday morning, I had the pleasure of interviewing three wonderful teachers: Christine Whitten, Courtney Adams, and Lindsay Ponder. I asked a series of questions regarding their college experience and reasons for becoming a teacher. Here’s what I found out:


Christine Whitten

Ms. Christine Whitten is the instrcutor of the courses Newspaper, Journalism, Photojournalism, as well as an assistant softball and tennis coach! She received her Bachelor’s degree at the Univeristy of Oklahoma and her Master’s in education at the University of North Texas. Growing up, Coach Whitten’s biggest influence was her mother because she repeatly put her first in every aspect such as the oppurtunity for success. Why did Coach Whitten decide to pursue becoming a teacher? “When I was a reporter I did a lot of stories about education, and I fell in love with it. I wanted to pursue teaching, and my previous career made me want to pursue Masters in education.” For all those aspiring writers, taking a course taught by Coach Whitten is definetly the best. (We love you- The Newspaper Staff)


Fun fact: If Coach Whitten could meet any celebrity it would be Gavin Degraw!


Courtney Adams

Ms. Courtney Adams is a common and wonderful face of the Fine Arts hallway! She teachs courses that deal with child education such as Child Guidance and Child Development. Ms. Adams attened Knox College in Galesburg, Illnois. Her favorite course to teach at Colleyville Heritage is all of them, but she especially enjoys instructing her teacher preperation courses. Ms. Adams favorite aspect of teaching is “getting to work with kids everyday.” Thanks for letting us interview you Ms. Adams!


Fun fact: Ms. Adams’ favorite genre of music if Country!


Lindsey Ponder

Last but not least, we have the fabulous Ms. Lindsay Ponder! Ms. Ponder is resposible for instructing business and technology courses! She went to college at Northwood University in Ceder Hill, Texas. It is currently Ms. Ponder’s third year teaching at our own Colleyville Heritage High School! Ms. Ponder states that becoming a teacher has effect her in many ways such “ I [originally]  always wanted to feel like I was helping people, and [by teaching] felt like I was fullfilled, and it helped me gain patience- I had a job I strongly disliked, but now I have a job I care deeply about.” You’re awesome Ms. Ponder-thank you!


Fun fact: If Ms. Ponder could only wear one color for the rest for her life, it would be black!


That is just a few of your wondeful teachers of the Fine Arts Hallway Colleyville Heritage! Make sure to stop by and say hello to them sometime!