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Santa Fe High School Shooting

Sonia Saeed, Head of News

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Santa Fe High School was home to violence Friday morning. Ten people were killed and another twelve injured, making this the worst mass shooting in America since February in Parkland, Florida.

Gunfire began at 7:30 am and law enforcement later found pipe bombs and pressure cookers near the school. The second students heard gunshots, they ran in all different directions, trying to make sense of what was happening. Students described the situation like it was a “fire drill.” Once they heard gunshots, they all started running while their teacher said to “stay put,” however, students were running for their lives.

As of now, a male student and another suspect, also a student, has been detained.

This is the third school shooting in the past week. On Wednesday, a shooting occurred in Illinois, and last Friday, another in California. In response, President Trump said “we grieve for the terrible loss of life” and that these mass shootings have been “going on too long.”

More details are to come on the Santa Fe High School shooting, but many people across the country send their love and prayers to the families of the victims. With the recent wave of the gun control movement, this tragic event will encourage people to talk to lawmakers and demand gun reform.

Sonia Saeed, Head of News and Advertising

Hello CHHS! I am Sonia Saeed, a current senior, and  I have been part of Roaring Red for the last two years. I love to write and am involved in many different...

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Santa Fe High School Shooting