Aftermath of Santa Fe Shooting: High-Tech Security

Sonia Saeed, Head of News

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The tragedy that occurred at Santa Fe High School on Friday is still fresh, especially for the parents that lost their children. Although people are still questioning how and why this happened, other school districts are looking ahead to figure how they can prevent something like this in their schools. This has instigated rapid growth of the school security market, which is on its way to become a multibillion dollar industry.

Schools are now considering implementing high-tech security measures, such as instant background checks, gunshot-detection sensors, and IDs with panic buttons. These advanced gadgets are used in the military, police, and private industry, but with school shootings becoming a commonality, these measures seem fitting for schools too. While many districts are sticking with low-tech security, such as more armed guards and training teachers to carry handguns, others are using their budget to pay for these new technologies.

However, the question has to be asked: is this actually going to make schools safer? There is no absolute answer to this, but these technologies will most likely reduce emergency response times and the number of victims killed. On the other hand, these high-tech gadgets will most likely make no difference in preventing school shootings.

School districts across the nation are taking measures to prevent attacks like this from ever happening in their schools, while the nation mourns for the victims of Santa Fe. These new technologies and heightened concern will hopefully instigate a change in student safety.