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XC: Rain or Shine

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XC: Rain or Shine

Sabrina Turner, Head of Video

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    The CHHS Cross Country team’s Saturday started off at five a.m. where they prepared for the Southlake Carroll Invitational Meet. Shortly after they set up, light showers arrived at the fields. But the team went on their usual business of preparation, while hardly acknowledging the rain.

    At seven o’clock, the Varsity girls’ race began and showers intensified. I myself was amazed at how the runners disregarded the small ponds that had formed and only focused on the competition. By the time they were finished, lightning and thunder had also arrived. But again, the next team- Varsity boys, lined up and started again as if nothing had changed.

    Flash flood warnings and areas of three foot tall water didn’t stop the racers until they finally decided to cancel before junior varsity got the chance to run. The sky was grey but everyone seemed so unexpectedly happy after, as kids slid through mud and jumped into the small lakes that had formed. I myself didn’t think this is how the day would end since the same weather from the night before had delayed the CHHS football game and brought a pretty intense panic to everyone that paid admission. It’s incredible how these athletes are so dedicated to what they do that they wouldn’t let some of the most dangerous conditions stop them from doing what they care about.

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  1. Jadd Hashem on October 19th, 2018 10:11 am

    Wow! Sounds like some brave kids!

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XC: Rain or Shine