A War Of Sticky Notes

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In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a war going on in the hallways of CHHS in the form of sticky notes. Towards the beginning of the week, pink sticky notes were posted around school, discouraging the use of hand sanitizer. The notes said things such as, “Hand sanitizers kill 99.9% of good germs”, “Say No to Hand Sanitizers”,  and “Wash Ya Hands”, even going as far as calling people who use hand sanitizer a loser. Soon after, different colored sticky notes were posted on top of the pink ones and the notes were obviously pro-hand sanitizer, saying things like “Use Hand Sanitizer!”, “#handsanitizerrulez”, and “Don’t let people make you feel bad for using hand sanitizer. It’s okay.”

Pro-hand sanitizer users and anti-hand sanitizer users have been going at it since. Every day the anti-hand sanitizer users have tried to get rid of their rival’s sticky notes, and every day the hand sanitizer enthusiasts put their own sticky notes back up. It has since picked up the attention of a few students around the school.

In all honesty, it seems like the pro-hand sanitizer sticky notes were put up as a joke to mess with whoever is aggressively advocating the boycott of hand sanitizers. But we may never know. Maybe it is in fact a war against hand sanitizer enthusiasts and hand sanitizer critics.