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Halloween Means Early Acceptance for (a decent portion of) College Applications Are Due

Santi Gaughan, Editor in Chief

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On this damp and soggy Halloween afternoon, the students of Colleyville Heritage High School will be getting prepared for an evening of assorted activities. These can range from simply breathing in and out, to actually going outside and acting all spooky. Now is the time where it is socially acceptable for students and non-students to dress up in costumes and eat a decent amount of assorted minature candies.

Unfortunatley, today is also the day where early admissions end for a lot of colleges, which means that now the graduating class of the year two thousand nineteen will have a slightly smaller chance of getting into the univesity they apply to. Additionally, the dread of waiting to see if one would get into a college will continue on until colleges stop accepting applications for the upcomming school year. Despite all of this, it is not too late as the final date to submit college applications for the two thousand nineteen to two thousand twenty school year will not come for another month, providing seniors enough time to ask for reccomendation letters, finish essays, apply for FAFSA, and get some scholarships.

Also semester exams are about to happen, but those won’t be for another month, so now it’s best to keep notes in a well organized state so when the time comes they won’t be lost or ruined.

Santi Gaughan, Editor in Chief

My name is Santi Gaughan and I have been regularly contributing stories and videos to the Roaring Red since September 2017, and I am responsible for the...

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Halloween Means Early Acceptance for (a decent portion of) College Applications Are Due