Midterm Elections

Santi Gaughan, Editor in Chief

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UPDATE (1/18/19): Now that the one hundred and sixteenth congress has been in session for a while, it should be noted that the senate is composed of fifty three Republicans (up from fifty) and forty five Democrats (down fom fort seven), while the House of Representatives has two hundred and thirty five Democrats (up from one hundred and nintey six), and one hundred and nintey nine Republicans (down from two hundred and thirty six). As of the time of this update, only one seat in the House of Representatives is disputed.

On Tuesday the midterm elections happened all over the United States of America. As of Friday, November Ninth, thirty two of the thirty five senate races, and four hundred and twenty two of the four hundred and thirty five house races have been called. In the senate, Republicans managed to flip three seats (ones in Indiana, Missouri, and North Dakota) as opposed to the Democrats who only flipped one (Nevada). Meanwhile in the House of Representatives, Democrats managed to flip thirty four seats as opposed to the four that Repulicans flipped. This change of seats lead Michigan, Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, and Iowa to now be represented by more Democrats, which is a change as all of those states were represented by more Republicans in the previous election.

In Texas, Republican Ted Cruz won the senate race, while in the house of representatives two of the thirty five races that were called changed political party (with District 7 and District 32 now being represented by Democrats). This is vital as one of the people who were defeated was Pete Sessions, who is the chairman of the House Rules Committee. This means that the person who was in charge of determining what bills were presented on the floor of the House of Representatives in no longer in congress.

Below is a link to an article which displays a graphic showing which specific districts changed seats, as well as the names of everybody who managed to win a race in the two thousand eighteen election


EDIT [3/7/19] – Typos within the article were fixed.