The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

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   This week CHHS theater put on an astounding production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. It was amazing from beginning to end and highlights just how talented our theater department truly is.

   The show starts out with 15 year old Christina (Hayley Lenamon), stumbling upon her neighbor Mrs.Shear’s (Madison Jennings) dead dog and unleashing a whole mess of chaos. When she decides to take on the task of finding out who had killed the pet, she learns about the world and the truth of her family past. After a long and event-filled journey, Christina shows the audience how to embrace differences and love people for who they are. Seniors Cooper Breakey, Anastasia Diakonis, Patrick Kelley, junior Regina Zepeda, and sophomores Riley Hutchens and Drake Caprio play key roles in the narration of the play through creative and constant stage presence. Senior Mateus Gomes and junior Emily Kobes gave phenomenal, emotional performances while playing Christina’s parents. Junior Riley Turner played Christina’s mentor at school and spoke with impressive power as she read aloud Christina’s journal for a good portion of the play. All actors showed great talent, even if some British accents were better than others.

   The play was directed by Mr.Faulks, the program’s technical director, whose 11 years of experience were obvious with such an overall remarkable production. With that said, I’d like to note the light and animation work that went into this play. The work of stage manager T’Aurelia Ingram and the rest of the technical crew turned the show into an incredible experience for the audience.

   I was skeptical at first of the actors’ ability to give a successful performance of this play since it does have such challenging roles. However, my worries were gone soon after watching it only once. Make sure to look out for more upcoming CHHS productions- you won’t regret it.