Is Tetris the new Fortnite?

Yes, yes it is

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If you don’t feel like reading the entire article, here’s a summary: Yes, Tetris is the new Fortnite.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Tetris has really been gaining popularity with the students here at CHHS, especially if you’re a junior in Mr. Wevodau’s class (however it is an off brand version of Tetris because the GCISD laptops block the real one.) The game is incredibly addicting, which is perhaps why it has taken the student population by storm. Its graphics are simple, and its rules are straightforward: rotate fast-dropping puzzle pieces on your computer screen to fit together and create solid lines—which then disappear. Repeat. Anyone can play it. Those who don’t understand the appeal to the game have obviously never played Tetris. Once you start, it is impossible to stop. It’s definitely a love-hate relationship. Sometimes you play for hours on end, and sometimes it makes you so frustrated that you want to throw your laptop against the wall…but you’ll always end up coming back.

I interviewed an avid Tetris player who would like to remain anonymous.


Q: Why did you start playing Tetris?

A: At first I played to kill time in class, but now I find myself actively playing it for fun, even if I’m at home and it’s 2 am.

Q: How did you discover Tetris?

A: I saw my friend playing it.

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how frustrating is the game for you?

A: 8 because there’s a certain point where Tetris just won’t give you the block that you need.

Q: Do you recommend the game?

A: Absolutely not because it will tear your life apart.