Information About Exemptions for the Semester Exams

Santi Gaughan, Editor in Chief

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{Here is the bell schedule on the days of the semester exams}










It is time once again for students at Colleyville Heritage High School to get ready for semester exams. This year will bring changes to the typical schedule, most notably students will have a full day of school on Wednesday the ninteenth and Thursday the twentieth with Friday being a half day. Above is the full schedule for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday that the exams take place.

Additionally, semester exam exemptions will be allowed for sophomores, juniors, and seniors for non advanced placement classes (sophomores can exempt one exame, juniors two, and seniors three. Exemptions are a bit different this year, as students can exempt advanced placement classes if they meet the requirments, and if every teacher who teaches the class agrees on exemptions being allowed.

EDIT: Students can request exemptions from December tenth to December fourteenth of this year, the link to those can be found here