Cowboys vs. Saints

Meilin Morefield, Head of Sports and Photography

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In the highly anticipated football game last Thursday  (Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints), the Cowboys emerged victorious with a score of 13-10. Although, the score seems incredibly close, it appeared that the Cowboys had the upper hand for the entire game. Many fans were in shock with the outcome of the game because the Saints’ were hot on a 10-game winning streak. And with a record of 6-5 in comparison to the Saints’ 10-1, the Cowboys didn’t seem to pose much of a threat. But alas, here we are.

This game was definitely a big one with a lot of heat leading up to it. Most likely due to the proximity between the two cities of the teams. A lot of friendly (and not-so-friendly) rivals surfaced between friends, family, and (because this is how society is now) online strangers. People in Dallas could be seen sporting “Who dat?” Saints shirts and people in New Orleans can be seen sporting that big navy star.

The pace of the game didn’t match with the Saints’ usual average of 37 points per game (obviously). Drew Brees, the Saints’ quarterback, only completed 18 out of the total 28 passes he made for a grand total of 127 yards, the second fewest passing yards Brees has ever gotten in his 13 years with the Saints. “I felt like we didn’t really find a rhythm for pretty much the whole game,” said Brees. (I personally think this unusual tempo was because my dad attended the game. He’s a chiller.) The Cowboys, meanwhile, are gaining some traction as this is their 4th win in a row. “[The Cowboys] played a heck of a game, deserved to win the game,” says Saints’ coach Sean Payton. With two sacks, their great defense, and a last minute interception by cornerback Jordan Lewis, the Cowboys definitely played at the top of their game and were able to kneel it out at the end to seal the win.

Update: I’ve just now come to learn that this game was the most-watched Thursday night game in history.  That is incredibly impressive.