Study Tips for Semester Exams

Santi Gaughan, Editor in Chief

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Next week will be the last week of the semester, which means that it will also be the week that contains the three days that fall exams take place on. In order to be properly prepared for these exams, students should probably complete the actions presented in the rest of this article.

First, students should complete the exemption form if they can. The form needs to be completed by December fourteenth, and the link to the form that needs to be filled out is located here [], and sophomores, juniors, and seniors can fill out the form if they have good enough attendance and have a good enough grade.

Second it is important that students complete any study guides that are given by their teachers. This will aide students in reviewing material that teachers have given. Additionally, there is a significant amount of teachers that require study guides to be filled out for a grade, which gives another benefit to complete one.

To be frank, there is not that much that goes into preparing for semester exams. At this point, students should really know what they are getting into, and if they do not then filling out a review guide or asking classmates for help should really get them to a point where they will not fail the first semester.