Top THREE Memes of 2018

Santi Gaughan, Editor in Chief

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The first semester is over for students at Colleyville Heritage High School, which means that it is time to reflect on what has been accomplished, and remember all of the top quality memes that have been released throughout the year. Without further ado, here are the top three memes of the year. If this was a top five list, “This is America” by Donald Glover and the new student ID system at Colleyville Heritage High School would be ranked at numbers four and five respectivley.

#3 – Tide Pod Challenge – the tide pod challenge was a meme where literal children ate pods of poison as a joke. For all you historians reading the Roaring Red, this meme started out as children pretending to have an intense desire to consume tide pods, however things quickly escalated in January of this year to people actually eating them. This meme proved itself to be intense enough to garner a spot on this list because ,to reiterate, this meme is children eating poison.

#2 – Mason Ramsey – in March Mason Ramsey was filmed in a Wal Mart singing Hank Williams “Lovesick Blues” out loud to (what appears to be) nobody in particular. The video of Ramsey singing became so widespread as an internet meme, that it got Ramsey into a giant music festival (Coachella) as well as allowing Ramsey to get signed onto a record label in April. This meme takes the number two spot because it is really wholesome, just seeing a kid yodeling a love song in a big box store.

#1 – Thanos Snap – earlier this year the Walt Disney corporation released the first part of the conclusion to their superhero movie project. In this part, the big bad guy has the power to snap his fingers and cause a chunk of the world’s population to dissapear, which got memed. This is the number one meme on this list because it was the most challenging to animate for the video above.

This conculdes the test article in a series about memes for the Roaring Red.