High School for a Freshman

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For many of the students at CHHS, these upcoming midterm exams will be the first of their kind. Grades were never too important in middle school- considering there never was a GPA they contributed to, so finals can be a pretty intimidating thing to the freshmen who have recently been exposed to this crucial information. The following interview will take a closer look into the mind of a current freshman at Colleyville Heritage HS.


Q: What level classes are you mainly taking (AP, PreAP, On-Level)?

A: “PreAP.”


Q: How many exams are you taking this year?

A: “Six.”

Q: What have you done to study for those tests?
A: “Quizlet and looking over reviews are what I mainly use.”


Q: How would you compare these exams to those from middle school?
A: “They’re really just as challenging as the ones from middle school.”


Q: Would you say your middle school sufficiently prepared you for high school? Why or why not?

A: “Yes, only because I am in PreAP classes. But I feel like if I was in AP, it might be another story.”


Q: Is there anything you looked forward to for high school but were let down on?

A: “I thought there’d be a little more freedom, like being able to eat lunch outside, but I found out you couldn’t even do that. I guess the older you get, you actually do get a little more freedom, like with release periods.”


Q: What’s the most unexpected thing you have learned about high school so far?

A: “Sometimes I feel like most high schoolers act like middle schoolers, so that made switching schools easier.”