Advice In Regards to Course Requests

Santi Gaughan, Editor in Chief

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Course requests for students at Colleyville Heritage High School will close on February eighth, with that in mind it seems appropriate to deal out advice in regards to the course selection process. As a disclaimer, it must be noted that the following paragraph of text will be assuming that one is taking predominatley advanced placement classes, so if one were to enter this article not looking for advice in regards to the course selection of AP classes, then there is information about when the actual arena scheduling is in the closing words of this article.

First off, make sure that every alternate class is filled up, that’s just an easy way to make sure that one is in classes that will be tolorated. Next year will mark the first year that sophomores cannot take AP Physics, which is an amazing thing because those classes are tough without some pre calculus knowledge. Even if one seeks the ever so important surge in class rank, just keep in mind that AP Enviornmental Science and AP Biology are also available to sophomores, and the enviornmental science course is one of the easiest (if not the easiest) AP courses offered at the school (based on my own opinion as one who is not the best at science). If one is on the path in school that requires them to take a bunch of advanced placement classes, in particular if one chooses to take more than six of these courses, then it would probably be best for one to take either a release period (if one is a junior or senior) or a significantly easier class in order to be less stressed throughout the year .

The actual arena scheduling will be from March twenty fifth to twenty seventh (for current juniors), April third to fifth (for current sophomores), April fifteenth to seventeenth (for current freshman), and April twenty ninth to May first (for current eighth graders). If one happens to have problems with arena scheduling then there will be schedule adustment opportunities on May thirteenth through fifteenth and August fifth through seventh. A more detailed version of what was said in the previous two sentences can be found here.