February Means It’s Time to Start Stressing About AP Tests

Santi Gaughan, Editor in Chief

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February is upon the students at Colleyville Heritage High School, which means that the start of AP testing will begin in less than one hundred days. This means that within that time, students in advanced placement classes will have all the knowledge that is needed to pass the exams taught to them, and that the workload dealt to these hypothetical students will ramp up. With that in mind, here are some steps that can be taken early on in order to become better prepared for the big test(s).

To start, students will need to get registered for the exams by March first, and the deadline to apply for financial aid is February eighth (this Friday). To do either of these, one would have to go to total registration [here] and fill out the apropriate information. By filling out the form, hypothetical students would cement in their brains which of the tests they will be taking.

February also marks the prime time to begin reviewing material that was presented in the first semester. At the bare minimum, students should at least gather up all of the notes and materials presented to them in the first semester into a pile for review in the future. This will help with organization, which come time for the actual test, will be immensely beneficial.