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They're incredible

Helena Mas, Contributor

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As most of you, I go to High School; I get excited when it’s Friday; I watch Netflix; I play sports; and I listen to music. In spite of sometimes thinking we all behave in a particular way and like the same type of things; everyone carries a different story behind them. My story started when I took a plane from Barcelona, Spain to Dallas, Texas. Not everything has been easy, but everything has been amazing since then. I have done things I would have never thought about; I have visited places that took my breath away; I have met people who taught me a lot and I have felt at home 5,176 miles away from home.

However, none of that would have been possible without my host family. They play an essential role in this experience. They are the ones who are also nervous to meet the person who is going to stay one year or a semester in their homes; the ones that have to take care of the Exchange Student when they are sick; or the ones who have to help make the new person to feel like she or he is at home.

Nevertheless, that it is not comparable to all the incredible things from being a Host Family. First of all, they can choose which student they think that would fit better with the family: they can see the country he or she is from, interests, age, sports and things that make an important factor when deciding. They have the chance to learn another culture, tradition, way of thinking and or even the language sometimes. You can try the delicious food sometimes you didn’t even realize it existed and songs you would have never imagined you would like. You get the chance to get out of your comfort zone and try new things; visit new places and have someone who is going to change you somehow as you are going to change him or her in another way.


Without my Host Family I would not be living my dream nor other Exchange Students who did the impossible and came to the U.S. Because it is not about the perfect family, or the biggest house; it is about the desire to learn, teach, and share. It can sound challenging, and even frightening; but it is an experience which will mark your life forever.


Please consider being a host family and help students from across the globe fulfill their dreams.

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