It Has Been One Hundred and Seventy Seven Days, And I Am Still Not Used to The Student Identification Card System

Santi Gaughan, Editor in Chief

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Today marks the one hundred and seventh day since Colleyville Heritage High School made the switch to requiring students to wear identification cards around their necks. This policy was started in the two thousand eighteen and two thousand nineteen school year as a measure to keep students safe. It should be noted that as well as an identification card, key cards were also issues out to students allowing them to be able to enter through a select few doors (this is assumed to have been done as a saftey measure as well).

Alas, despite the significant amount of time that this rule has been in place, there are still students who blatantly disregard the system. This is due to a variety of reasons, the most frequently given were due to a lack of effort, and due to the lanyard being too irritating. With that information in mind, the best course of action for students who do not like wearing their identification cards would be to continue doing what they are doing as they (the hypothetical students mentioned in this very sentence) are probably aware of the consequences of not wearing it (the identification card).