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Winter Weather

Weather report from March first to March sixth of the year 2019.

Santi Gaughan, Editor in Chief

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The month of March during the fine year of two thousand and nineteen has been very cold in regards to the weather. While this does make sense, considering that winter does not end until March twentieth and this article will be about the weather during the first six days of the month, it is still (as certain intellects might say) pretty wack.

The first three days of March were cold, with the highs of each day being forty six, forty four, and thirty three respectivley, and the lows being in the thirties. Historically speaking the general area that surrounds Colleyville Heritage High School would be about sixty degrees at this time, however it was not this year. On March fourth, the weather did not rise above thirty two degrees during the entire school day, and the previous three days were also pretty cold as well. To clarify, it would be strange to the weather during this time period pleasant.

March fifth marked a time that existed where there was ice on the sidewalks, however it was not intense enough to warrant a snow day. Additionally, it was sunny in the morning (or at least by eight AM), which marked a shift from the previous three days which were overcast and gross. Plot twist, March sixth was pretty warm. In the morning it was above freezing and in the afternoon it was basically sixty degrees farenheit.

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Winter Weather