Here is a Short Article About the Extra Long Weekend that Will Take Place in April in the Year Two Thousand Nineteen.

Santi Gaughan, Editor in Chief

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Students who attend Colleyville Heritage High School will not have to attend classes on Friday, April nineteenth, or Monday, April twenty second. This extra long weekend will allow for a plethora of things to be done while not at school. Since it is almost the end of the school year, the long extra long weekend will act as a good time to look over notes and material presented earlier in the year or to take a break from school work and focus on not getting too stressed out (or focus on one’s out of school job).

Remember that while the weekend will be four whole days, budgeting one’s time effectivley can be the difference between getting a lot of stuff done and being a flustered mess on the twenty second scrambling to finish things that were given the week before.