A Series of Advanced Placement Testing Tips – Timing

Part one of a series of AP testing tips in the good year 2019.

Santi Gaughan, Editor in Chief

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Now that the first advanced placement tests have been taken at Colleyville Heritage High School, here is some advice that will be helpful for anybody who is going to be taking one of these tests in the upcoming days. Number one, remember that the advanced placement test gives a lot of time to complete each section. One might assume that the mere hour to hour and forty five minutes that each test gives will not be enough time, but it is. At least for the multiple choice section.

For essays (especially in the English Language and Literature classes) one should remember that if one manages to finish an essay using only the front of a page, then it is impossible to get more than a four out of nine points on the essay. On one hand, one could simply write three complete essays using only the front page to get twelve points (and get a good score on the multpile choice), or one could write a well written essay (like, a six or higher), and then write the rest of the shorter essays in, like, thirty minutes. In the social studies classes, the long essays are slightly easier as one does not have to worry about structure, so one could regurgitate relevant ideas throughout the essay and as long as each beat on the rubric is hit, then one will get a decent score.

For short answer questions, just answer the ones that are known first, and then use the remaining time to put down an educated guess on the rest of the questions.