The Advanced Placement Tests Still Might Be Going On (at the time of writing this article), It is still a Good Idea to Check on Some Events that Will Happen Later in the Year

Santi Gaughan, Editor in Chief

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While the school year might be coming to a close, there are still a number of events that will be happening at Colleyville Heritage High School in the last two weeks of the school year. To start, May eighteenth is the day that prom occurs on, then on the following Monday (May twentieth) seniors will be able to walk at elementary schools for a whole ordeal that was explained to them earlier this year. At two in the afternoon on that same Monday, the undergraduate awards will happen, which is nice. On Tuesday, May twenty first, there will be meetings during the last fifteen minutes of each lunch for those who are interested in having a painted senior parking spot for next year. On Wednesday, May twenty second, the senior awards will happen, which is also nice. Additionally, Wednesday marks the day where students can pick up their yearbooks during lunches, so that will be fun to navigate through. There will also be no school on May twenty seventh, as that is not only memorial day but also a bad weather makeup day. May twenty ninth and May thirtieth will be the days that undergraduates will have to take their exams on.