Leadership Positions of 2019-2020 School Year

Amisha Khetani, Head of News and Entertainment

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Executive Officers and Leadership Class:

President- Morgan Sundell
Vice President- Presleigh Adams
VP Color Run- Jackie Weidner
Secretary- Alexis Folkertsma
ProTerms- Christina Lam and Brielle Khubchandani
Parliamentarian- Abdullah Aiswafta
Community Liaison- Amy Young
Sgt at Arms/Committee Head- Kobe Simmons

Leadership Members:

Jessica Aguirre
Affan Alam
Eman El Hassan
Brooke Flory
Jada Kassner
Caleb Kim
Reegan Lee
Luke Mabe
Ciara Mask
Anthony Minchillo
Sarah Stevenson
Regan Strength
Huntyr Terry
Caleb Tibor
Madelyn Wouters

Matthew Bayles
Max Byrd
Isabella Cain
Vanessa Chidiac
Julie Lee
Karalie Morrison
Michael Neves
Ryann Orcutt
Emma Sanders
Aurora Schafer
Aidan Shimmick
Jack Stacy
Taylor Steele
Jake Wiley
Artan Zulali

Lauren Abell
Arjun Gazupulatti
Stone Harrington
Aamina Imam
Keto Khubchandani
Jordan Losack
Mac Oliver
Isaac Shabay

Congrats on making officer positions for the 2019-2020 year!