As the School Year 2018-2019 Comes to an End…

Amisha Khetani, Head of News and Entertainment

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As this is my last article writing for the CHHS Roaring Red Newspaper since I am a senior, I thought I would share some advice for the underclassmen.

As high school may seem like it’s taking forever to end, trust me time really does fly by so don’t miss out on anything you’ll think you’ll regret.

Make sure you do things. Go to the football games, join more clubs and meet new people, do the color run, really anything school related but just be involved as much as you can.

School spirit is NOT lame. Participate in the dress ups and go to the pep rallies because in the end it’s only one day and you won’t have the same fun opportunities in college.

You don’t have to be restricted to one specific friend group. You don’t only have to be friends with choir students if you’re in choir or you don’t have to be just friends with the people of your sport.

Branch out to meet new people from different clubs, classes, and sports. It doesn’t matter who your friends with as long as they’re a positive influence in your life.

Schoolwork is not the only thing about high school that matters! You’re allowed to treat yourself to a night out of fun with your friends. Go to dinner with them or a movie or something besides studying every now and then. Don’t be the person who always stays home instead of going out. Have fun in high school!

That being said, cherish your memories because when it’s all over, that’s what you’ll be holding on to when you move for college.

Congratulations to all the seniors! We almost made it, just six more days until graduation!

Underclassmen, I wish you luck in your remaining years of high school, make it last!