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Starbucks Drinks Under 100 Calories

Marissa Cross, Editor in Chief

December 6, 2017

Filed under Entertainment

We all love a good starbucks drink but drinking all of your calories for the day is not the healthiest thing to do. I am here to help you! Here are drinks at starbucks that are 100 calories or less.   Cold Brew Coffee: 5 Calories on its own and co...

Festivities During the Holidays

Amisha Khetani, Writer

December 4, 2017

Filed under Entertainment

As stressed as all of us are with finals coming to a near, we can’t help but think of what our winter break holds for us. Some might be going away and some might be staying in town. For those of you who choose to stay in town...

What’s this? Oh, it’s some advice regarding the semester exams.

Santi Gaughan, Writer, Head of Videos

November 30, 2017

Filed under Entertainment, Video

Advice regarding semester exams.

Black Friday 2017

Sonia Saeed, Head of News

November 24, 2017

Filed under Entertainment, News

Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, is finally here! This notorious day is known for unbelievable deals and chaos that happens every year. For shopaholics, this day is heavenly, but for others, this day signal...

Muslim Art Exhibition

Amisha Khetani, Writer

November 20, 2017

Filed under Entertainment, Spotlight

I recently went to one of the most captivating and inspiring exhibitions I have ever been to in the Irving Arts Center. I have been to at least 7-8 art museums in my lifetime and I have never came across a Muslim exhibition, until...

Woman Buys iPad Mini, Receives Bag of Flour Instead

Abigail Crites, Writer

November 15, 2017

Filed under Entertainment

A Washington woman made the trip to Walmart to buy what she thought was an iPad mini four. Upon unboxing the item, she noticed there was no iPad, only a bag of flour in it’s place.   Last Sunday, Shareen Mathews purchased the i...

What To Do During Thanksgiving Break…

Amisha Khetani, Writer

November 12, 2017

Filed under Entertainment

The glorious holiday of the celebration of thanks for our families and our friends is coming to a near. With preparing meals with our families, reuniting with close relatives, and of course the unforgettable Black Friday, somehow...

Book Review: 1984

Sonia Saeed, Head of News

November 3, 2017

Filed under Entertainment

George Orwell’s novel, 1984, is a classical masterpiece that everyone should read. This dystopian novel was written in the 1940s, around World War ll. Here is a quick synopsis of the book. 1984 follows Winston Smith who l...

Dairy Queen Files for Bankruptcy Around Texas

Abigail Crites, Writer

November 1, 2017

Filed under Entertainment, News

  Several Dairy Queen stores around Texas and Oklahoma will be closed after the company based in Dallas that manages them, Vasari LLC, filed for bankruptcy.   Your favorite blizzards won’t be around much longer in several...

History of Halloween

Amisha Khetani, Writer

October 30, 2017

Filed under Entertainment

The annual holiday of spooky ghosts and zombies walking the halls is almost here!! I mean who doesn’t love Halloween? But does anyone know where the holiday actually comes from? Halloween dates back to the Celtic farming...

Halloween events to do this “Halloweekend”

Kaylin Dunning, Head of Sports and Photography

October 26, 2017

Filed under Entertainment

It's that time of year again when the houses are decorated with ghouls and ghosts, candy is everywhere, and pumpkins are being carved. Yes, Halloween has arrived and that means exciting and fun events to do with your friends....

The Truth Behind Your Childhood Horror Book!

Marissa Cross

October 23, 2017

Filed under Entertainment

Everyone in elementary school has heard of the book “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark,” but nobody knows the truth behind these books. Are the stories real? Who wrote these? We need more information and to get into the Halloween s...