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Homecoming Football Game

Sonia Saeed, Head of News

October 1, 2017

Filed under CHHS, Sports

The chaos of homecoming came and left so quickly! With all the hallway decorations, the homecoming parade, and the dance, homecoming was very busy and exciting. The real homecoming though is the football game. CHHS played Dunbar...

How to Manage being a Student Athlete

Kaylin Dunning, Head of Sports and Photography

September 14, 2017

Filed under Sports

Colleyville Heritage is famous for its tremendous amount of talented athletes, most of whom have brought their teams victories. A big question most people ponder is how do you manage being an A-plus student and being an all-star...

Colleyville Heritage vs. Carter-Riverside Varsity Volleyball Game

Melin Morefield, Writer

September 13, 2016

Filed under Sports

Last Friday evening the Colleyville Panthers destroyed the Carter-Riverside Eagles in the varsity volleyball game. Only three sets out of the five were necessary for this match. The Eagles were no match for the...

Colleyville Heritage Vs. Trinity Football Game

Julia Cavalcanti, Writer

September 13, 2016

Filed under Sports

There was energy buzzing through the crowd, everybody was on their feet and ready for the start of the game. The student section was filled with people wearing red t shirts in honor, beaming with school pride. As the horn...


Laura Henderson and Valerie Contreras, Writers

September 9, 2016

Filed under CHHS, Sports

Pantherettes Lauren Henderson, Writer Valerie Contreras, Writer September 11, 2016 Filed Under Sports “Making new friends and being more involved in the school is what I like best about being apart of the Pantherettes!”...

Arlington Tennis Match

Victoria Nguyen, Photographer

September 7, 2016

Filed under Sports

CHHS Varsity Tennis took a victory against Arlington Martin on August 30, 2016. This is a team of committed, hardworking, and supportive players. They’ve been working hard since the beginning of August and are off to a grea...

Varsity Volleyball Game Vs Aledo

Meilin Morefield

September 7, 2016

Filed under Sports

Aledo being the #3 team in the state, the Lady Panthers definitely fought hard for this game. Tatum Ticknor had some great digs, Jillian Dits had two aced serves, Alena Watson and Brooklyn Blaylock had some very nice...